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Wooden Lifters (Wooden Blocks)

$985.00 - $3,485.00




For many kinds of product photography; Skincare, jewelry, drinks, natural/handmade products etc.

Sold as singles and as a set.

Prices and Sizes:

No1. 10cmx4cm
No2. 4cmx4cmx4cm
No3. 8cmx8cmx8cm
No4. 8cmx10cmx5cm
No5 10cmx8cmx8cm

Additional information

Weight N/A

No1. 10cmx4cm, No2. 4cmx4cmx4cm, No3. 8cmx8cmx8cm, No4.  8cmx10cmx5cm, No5. 10cmx8cmx8cm, no6


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